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Ceritification Authority

Centro Tecnológico del Notariado S.L. Unipersonal (Notary Certification Agency, CTNotariado) was set up in July 2002 by the General Council of Notaries (CGN, in Spanish) with the aim to implement the ambitious technological modernization plan for the Spanish notary community (notary offices, notary associations and the CGN).

Centro Tecnológico del Notariado, with headquarters in Madrid and Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) gathers more than 100 highly-qualified innovative professionals with many years of experience who are experts in technology, specialized in the finance and public administration sectors, and devoted to implement and operate the telematic, communication and e-signature systems for about 3.000 notaries and 17 notary associations, as well as other clients.

About Us

Centro Tecnológico del Notariado S.L. Uniprsonal (CTNotariado) is a Certificate Service Provider established in Spain issuig Qualified Ceritficates in compliance with all applicable requirements of Directive 1999/93/EC.

Centro Tecnológico del Notariado issues Qualified Certificates not only to the notary community, but also to the general public, including companies and individual persons. The e-signature portfolio is completed with TimeStamp and Validation Authority services.

General Certificate Policy

The General Certificate Policy sets out the rules and terms of service of Centro Tecnológico del Notariado PKI.

The TSA Practecise Statement and Policy sets out the rules and terms of service for the time-stamping service.

PKI Disclosure Statement

The PKI disclosure statement summarise the key points of the CPS for the benefit of Subscribers and Relying Parties.


PKI disclosure statement is not intended to replace the CPS.

Certificate use terms

The certificate use terms sets out the rules and terms of service for the use of each of the certificates issued by Centro Tecnológico del Notariado. When a third party validates a certificate accepts these use terms.


In this page you can download Centro Tecnológico del Notariado root and subordinate Certification Authorities certificates.

- Centro Tecnológico del Notariado PKI V2 (Present).

- Centro Tecnológico del Notariado Qualified TSA.

- Centro Tecnológico del Notariado PKI V1 (2004-2010).

- Other Downloads.

Service Details

Centro Tecnológico del Notariado offers a free online certificate validation servcie based on the OCSP protocol (RFC 6960)

Intermediate certification authorities status could not be checked against the OCSP service, so the ARLs must be used.

All the end-entity certificates contain in the Authority Information Access extension the OCSP service location. The OCSP service URLs are:

OCSP Responder Certificates

Each CA signs its own OCSP Trusted Responder certificate. The responder's certificate validity is one year. The certificate profile details are described in the Centro Tecnológico del Notariado Certificate Profiles document section 7.1.

The package with all the OCSP certificates for each CA can be downloaded from the following link:

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